Following Up Just Got Even Better

First of all a SUPER BIG thank you to all of YOU for providing valuable feedback since we first launched MyFollowUp app.

We are very excited about our newest release as it has a lot of the features you've been asking for. How many you may ask?? 

An exciting 10 new features!!!  

  1. Ability to delete all contacts at once
  2. Ability to import contacts with special characters/emojis 
  3. Ability to have a search bar in the import page
  4. Ability to search alphabetically in the import page
  5. Ability to import contacts based on the most "recent contact" 
  6. Ability to create pre-built SMS text templates
  7. Ability to submit feedback and improvement ideas directly from the app
  8. Ability to see all contacts groups by the most "recent contacts"
  9. Ability to personalize all follow up qualifiers (the qualifier title and drop down options)
  10. Ability to upload a profile image

We cannot wait to hear what other ideas you might have. To  ensure you have the latest version, simply go the App Store and download the latest version.